Article V of the Rock Lake United Church Camp Society’s objectives states:

“To continue fund-raising by renting the camp and operating the adjacent campground, thereby ensuring our continued financial self-sufficiency”, thus it is our policy to operate a campground on the Rock Lake Camp property.

The Campground enables the Church Camp to remain open and keeps the Society financially independent not having to rely on any outside source for funding.  Because the Church Camp and the Campground must remain separate entities, the campground is limited to development across the creek from the Church Camp and has it’s own beach.  Rules are in place and enforced to make certain that neither users of the Church Camp nor Campers trespass on each other spaces.

At present the Campground has 82 (eighty-two) sites and there are no plans for future expansion.  Turnover is very small, so if you want a site fill out a Wait List Request form (found below) to get on our list.

The Annual Rental is from 16th of October through to the 15th of October of the following year.

Rental rates for the Campground are established annually and published on this site on the Campground Registration Request Form found below.

A Registrar, appointed by the Society from among the Board members, is responsible for renting the Campground to outside users following all rules and policies as determined by the Society.  The registrar can be contacted through this web site.

Our policy is that as long as a particular camper’s Registration Request is accepted for the next camping season, then the individual who has that site would have first right of refusal for the site for each subsequent year on a year-to-year basis, providing that the completed application and all other required items are received, by the Registrar, prior to September 15th of any given year for the next camping season.

Our on-site Caretakers (Brian & Marie Rawson) manage the Campground for us and have final authority at the campground & represent the Society on site.

Click Here for a 2020 Campground Registration Request

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