It is the Rock Lake United Church Camp Society’s policy that Rock Lake Camp remain fully accredited by both the United Church of Canada (UCC) and the British Columbia Camping Association (BCCA) at all times.

Click Here to View a Copy of our United Church of Canada Accreditation Letter

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To maintain our accreditation the Society has spent countless hours developing its own Operating Manual which has been well received by many people over the years.  To help those just starting to develop their own manuals we publish ours here as a guideline only.  Each camp is different – each church is different – each camping association is different – so each individual manual must be developed as a stand alone document.  Feel free to use our ideas and we will entertain requests for copies that can be edited on an individual basis.

Our Operating Manual is Up-Dated as of November 3, 2016

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Table of Contents


Section 1 Philosophy & Objectives

Section 2 Authority & Management

Section 3 Site Details

Section 4 Responsibility & Job Descriptions

Section 5 Health & Safety

Section 6 Emergency Procedures

Section 7 Abuse

Section 8 Environmental Policies

Section 9 Property Management

Section 10 Human Resources

Section 11 Camper Misconduct

Section 12 Pre-Camp Preparations

Section 13 Camp Leaders Training Program

Section 14 Junior-Leaders-in-Training Program

Section 15 Camp Facility Rentals

Section 16 Campground Operations

Section 17 United Church Theology


Appendix 1 By-Laws & Constitution

Appendix 2 On-Site Caretaker’s Duties

Appendix 3 United Church of Canada Code of Conduct

Appendix 4 Risk Assessments

Appendix 5 Emergency First-Aid Procedures

Appendix 6 Canoe Safety 

Appendix 7 Rules & Regulations for Camp Renters

Appendix 8 Rules & Regulations for Campground Renters

Appendix 9 Current Caretaker’s Contract


Form 1 Camp Rental Form

Form 2 Consent to Release a Camper

Form 3 Adult Leader Application

Form 4 Cabin Leader Application

Form 5 Camper Application

Form 6 Junior-Leader-in-Training Application

Form 7 Adult Leader Agreement

Form 8 Cabin Leader Agreement

Form 9 Interview Notes

Form 10 Sample Batch Recipe

Form 11 Medical Incident Report

Form 12 Emotional Maturity Self Apprasal Form

Form 13 Key Questions for a Cabin Leader

Form 14 Safety Audit

Form 15 Evaluating Your Cabin Leader Experience

Form 16 Site Inspection

Form 17 General Incident Report

Form 18 Camper Departure

Form 19 Waterfront Emergency

Form 20 Medical Treatment Report

Form 21 Health Self Appraisal Form

Form 22 Sample Camp Brochure

Form 23 Campground Site Application


Schedule 1 Church Camp Site Map

Schedule 2 Sample Camp Menu

Schedule 3 Camp Preparation Timeline

Schedule 4 RLUCCS Organizational Chart

Schedule 5 Sample Camp Schedule


Schedule 7 Campground Site Map

Schedule 8 Topical Scripture References

Schedule 9 RLUCCS Manual Distribution

Schedule 10 Current Honorariums

Schedule 11 Emergency Telephone Numbers

Schedule 12 Current Rates for Camp & Campground

Schedule 13 Current Members of the RLUCCS Board

Schedule 14 United Church of Canada’s Faith Formation Principles